Building Department

Our Building Department staff are responsible for providing information and assistance to homeowners, business owners, builders and design professionals during the construction and development of buildings. 

In our efforts to achieve healthy and safe living environments we:

  • Review permit applications and drawings for proposed construction;
  • Issue building permits;
  • Conduct routine building inspections;
  • Enforce minimum standards for non-compliance; and
  • Secure unsafe buildings


The Building Department is responsible for the enforcement of the Building Code Act, the Ontario Building Code regulations and ensuring that plans comply also with local zoning by-laws and other applicable laws and regulations. 

General Guidance

For general guidance please click the links below. It is important to note that the provided lists are note an all-encompassing list and for advice on whether your project requires a permit, please contact our Chief Building Official:

Matthew Aldom, Chief Building Official
8 Hastings Heritage Way
Bancroft, Ontario K0L 1C0
T:   613-332-3331 ext 207
F:   613-332-0384

Building Department Links